1. 2011-06-25 22.03.52 (1)MAOS1 is a mobile site-specific listening space in which real time external sounds can be experienced anew mixed with a spacialised multi-channel sound piece (a small 6 channel playback system with 24 speakers is integrated into the structure ) composed from sounds previously recorded from the site making it almost impossible to differentiate between the real time and the composed.

MAOS1 was developed specifically for Brunswick Park, London, SE5 as part of Camberwell Arts Week 2011 as a temporary space designed to offer a different sonic and visual experience. We invited people to step inside, make themselves comfortable, listen, watch, relax……

The site offered challenges in terms of structure, materials, concept and content. Initial 2011-06-25 21.58.28-1listening research revealed that this seemingly peaceful inner London square whilst primarily notable for birdsong, the sounds of tennis games and dog walkers was totally sonically dominated by airplanes on the flight path into Heathrow. When questioned local residents claimed never to have noticed the planes even though there was rarely more than 1 second when you couldn’t hear one. MAOS1 was designed to allow listeners the to experience this (often familiar) soundscape anew. Comments in the visitors book included “Kind of strange mixing/differentiating the inside and the outside. What a lot of planes!” “Makes me hyper-aware of the lives ambient sounds…..” “Too many planes in this city most definitely” “Interesting – lovely view and lots of plane noises- thank you for the experience”

MAOS1 (Mobile Aural Observation Station1) is the first work produced by Auricula, a new collaboration between sound artist Cathy Lane and textile artist Tessa Brown.  We produce low-impact, sustainable spaces for aural and visual reverie. These integrated sonic structures are designed to offer an immersive, sensory experience which reverses the usual relationship between the seen and the heard and give an alternative and abstracted approach to everyday experience. The aim is that all our structure should be self contained without the need for external power sources etc and thus be capable of installation everywhere and anywhere.