Hidden Lives 2: The House of Memory

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Hidden Lives2: the House of Memory was commissioned by the Stoke Newington Festival as a site-specific multi-channel installation. It was played through 8 hidden speakers installed on the roof of the then semi- derelict Clissold House in Clissold Park, London. The work was inspired inspired by aspects of growing up in Hackney, East London in both the past and the present. The piece took oral history material related to childhood and childhood games from the Hackney Archives and  Hackney Museum as its starting point. These were augmented this with present day recordings made with, and of, Hackney children – particularly of playground games and chants and sounds that reflect aspects of their worlds. The sonic imagery and music in the piece is designed to create a mental link to each listener’s own childhood memories and feelings about growing up.

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Thanks to Hackney Museum, Hackney Archives, The pupils and staff of Colvestone School, Stoke Newington Festival, Clissold Park and The University of the Arts, London for their support and co-operation.

The version you can hear is a stereo mixes of the original 8 channel work.