Sexing Sound: Music Cultures, Audio Practices, and Contemporary Art

City University of New York, Feb 21, 2014, 9:30am to 5:30pm.

Regine Basha, Mark Beasley, Anya Bernstein, Maria Chavez, Cathy Lane, Annea Lockwood, Barbara London, Ellie Hisama, Peter Hitchcock, Anne Hilde Neset, Kristin Norderval, Xaviera Simmons,Valerie Tevere, Siona Wilson, JD Samson

Pop and rock music has long been an important forum for experimentation with gendered performance, audience identification, and different models of authorship and collaboration. What happens, we ask, when the complex affective and social dynamics of popular music cultures are put into a dialogue with more rarified notions of audio cultures or sound art? Taking the issue of sexual difference and sexuality as its central concern, this symposium brings together an international group of artists, writers, educators and curators to address the gendered complexes of “music cultures,” “audio practices,” and where these two realms intersect in contemporary art. Presentation topics include the feminist sound archive Her Noise, women in early punk, the voice, and the soundscape. The symposium will end at 5pm with a performance of a composition by Annea Lockwood performed by Kristin Norderval, followed by a reception at 6pm in the James Gallery with a set by JD Samson. More details coming soon.

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