Sounds Like Her

Curator & Artists in conversation, 18 November 2017, 2pm – 4pm

New Art Exchange, Nottingham, Admission: FREE

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A discussion with  Sounds Like Her curator Christine Eyene and sound artists Ain Bailey and Linda O’Keeffe.  The conversation will consider their trajectory into sound, and instances where gender has impacted their approach, be it in terms of legacy to draw from, narrative to include within their work, challenges to overcome, or conversely, as a matter to put aside in order to focus on the medium and technique only. The discussion will also address archiving, education, access to technology and sensory abilities from an intersectional critical perspective, as inscribed within the Sounds Like Her exhibition and the participants endeavour to challenge the male-dominated and Eurocentric frameworks that have for so long informed this creative field.

image shows artist Christine Sun Kim

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