Radiofon: macchina som allstars & cathy lane

Kule Auguststraße 10, 10117 Berlin, 10117 Berlin, Germany

15 January at 19:3022:30 


Radiofon is a series of encounters in the field of radio works – in a wide and open definition- live radio play in exchange with experimental music and discourse production. We will perform and debate formats and contents. Every single event is designed according to the wishes and needs of the participants. This third event invites Cathy Lane

sponsored by the initiative neue musik (inm)

Klaus Janek, Milena Kipfmüller, Jörg Lukas Matthaei

As 3 artists of different backgrounds, we meet in our interest in sound between semiotics and sound, context and composition. Each of us understands sound from his / her own perspective: radio, dramaturgy, discourse, performing arts, experimental acoustic and electronic music. We work with language, field recordings, noise, music and their composition. Key words for our joint work are: live radio play, experimental music, instant composition, text as music, discourse production, dramaturgy, performance, APPARATUS OF WARS (performative and audio interventions in Berlin 2014), WAR ALBUM (feature and live radio play 2014-15 ), IDIOTIE & WIDERSTAND (Salons & Radio Play 2015 – 2018) and “The Golden CD”.

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