UntitledDavid Toop presents: ARCHIVE BREATHING with: Elaine Mitchener  –  Dam van Huynh  –  Jason Yarde  –  Cathy Lane  -Russell Ackerman-Callow  –  Andrea Zarza  –  Rie Nakajima

5 April Saturday  –  Studio Theatre  –  Central Saint Martins (Handyside Road entrance, off York Way), Granary Building, 1 Granary Square, N1C 4AA  –  19.30  –  free admission

What is an archive? Is an archive a place where memories lie sleeping, a nursing home for ghosts, an empty room of creaking floors? Is all of the anxiety invested in archival preservation just a death duty paid to unfulfilled life? Trash on the streets; a prehistoric forest exposed as a beach is washed away by rain; the clatter of wooden machinery; fragments of old music becoming new music; a recording of place in one moment heard in another place, in another moment; the scent of herbs recalling the passing of ancestors: are they all archival objects? History as defined by the victors – how can those archives be opened and turned until they breathe? How can the archive be a living entity? Without words or matter, where does the archive exist? Where, if anywhere, is the site of truth within the archive?

. . . not a talk or lecture, or a concert or dance performance, or a symposium or seminar, not a narrative or a drama . . . in that case, what . .

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Annea Lockwood & Cathy Lane Saturday 29 March, 4-6pm

Flat Time House, 210 BELLENDEN ROAD   LONDON SE15 4BW

For Someone else can clean up this mess, Annea Lockwood and Cathy Lane present a collaborative audio, visual and spoken conversation. Drawing upon their own experiences as women working with sound and performance in 1960′s and 1980′s London, respectively, they will speak of the emergence of a feminist subjectivity, and how this manifested in their practices. The discussion between the two artists will be woven with slides, sounds and scores to illustrate their exchange which will shed light on their mutual desire for community and belief of sound as power. The audience will be invited to join in the discussion with a Q&A.

Someone else can clean up this mess is the starting point of a research project with Electra into the work of the women active in 60s and 70s London. Rather than a direct historical enquiry, each weekend event explores collaborative relationships between artists of this and younger generations, through performance and discussion. The gallery of FTHo will be reconfigured to host the performative presentations. Each event will be followed by drinks and a shared meal. A publication will follow in April.

Email or call 0207 207 4845 to book a place. Space is very limited. Childcare will be available but booking is essential.

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Cryptic Nights Mirrorlands

Cryptic Nights Mirrorlands – a film and sound installation exploring diverse relationships to place on The Black Isle in the Highlands of Scotland. Screening and Q&A with Cathy Lane and Chris Watson. CCA, Glasgow Thursday 6 March / 20.00 / £5

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Sexing Sound: Music Cultures, Audio Practices, and Contemporary Art

City University of New York, Feb 21, 2014, 9:30am to 5:30pm.

Regine Basha, Mark Beasley, Anya Bernstein, Maria Chavez, Cathy Lane, Annea Lockwood, Barbara London, Ellie Hisama, Peter Hitchcock, Anne Hilde Neset, Kristin Norderval, Xaviera Simmons,Valerie Tevere, Siona Wilson, JD Samson

Pop and rock music has long been an important forum for experimentation with gendered performance, audience identification, and different models of authorship and collaboration. What happens, we ask, when the complex affective and social dynamics of popular music cultures are put into a dialogue with more rarified notions of audio cultures or sound art? Taking the issue of sexual difference and sexuality as its central concern, this symposium brings together an international group of artists, writers, educators and curators to address the gendered complexes of “music cultures,” “audio practices,” and where these two realms intersect in contemporary art. Presentation topics include the feminist sound archive Her Noise, women in early punk, the voice, and the soundscape. The symposium will end at 5pm with a performance of a composition by Annea Lockwood performed by Kristin Norderval, followed by a reception at 6pm in the James Gallery with a set by JD Samson. More details coming soon.

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Ora 4 … Voice and Language

Daniela Cascella and Salomé Voegelin, with Cathy Lane

31 October 2013

In the first episode of ora featuring a guest, artist and composer Cathy Lane joins Daniela Cascella and Salomé Voegelin to discuss voice and language in relation to performance and subjectivities. The conversation spans evaluations of the grain, the brain and the body of the voice across a range of examples, from Meredith Monk to Maggie Nichols, from Trevor Wishart to women singing in the Outer Hebrides.

online at

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